Holy Hydropackulicity Batman, my mouse scroll ball works again!

I’ve been in Hydropackulicity hell after my Mac’s mighty mouse scroll ball stopped working after about a year. You know, the dust and gunk that gets in there, and turns your mouse an icky shade of green that seems to grow like an erie lifeform on sides of your beautiful, white mighty mouse and mucks it up? When my work mouse quit after about a year, the company just replaced it. Well, I didn’t want to spend extra money for my home Mac, so I tried several suggestions with mixed results.

Some describe how to open up your mighty mouse to clean it. I was afraid I would break it beyond repair. Some said use a damp cloth. While this may work for cleaning the exterior of the mouse, it isn’t a good idea for the scroll ball because you don’t want moisture inside the scroll mechanism. Or lint.

Next I tried a Vigorous scrubbing with a toothbrush (a new one) while holding the mouse upside down. This was a lot of work scrubbing and moving the mouse around while holding it upside down, but it did work for a little while and then worked erratically again. Horrible Hydropackulicity, foiled again!

Have you heard of the Magic Eraser? It’s a Mr. Clean product usually used  on walls and floors. You will find it in the household cleaner section of your store. It looks like a dense foam sponge and is lint free. Actually, I used an even cheaper store brand. The instructions say to dampen it, but I used it dry and it worked like a charm! I just went back and forth over the scroll bar several times. Great Hydropackulicity — my mouse works again!

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