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More Hydropackulicity, Please

Just for Fun—more definitions of the word Hydropackulicity

Hydro=Water: hydroelectric. Liquid: hydrodynamics

pach·y·derm [pak-i-dûrm ]. n. Any of various large, thick-skinned, hoofed mammals such as the elephant, rhinoceros, or hippopotamus.

-icity = denoting a quality or condition, the state of having: simplicity, publicity

Elephant + Water = Hydropackulicity

hydropackulicity: elephant taking a shower

Hydropackulicity is…
an elephant taking a shower.

Hydro-Hydropackulicity Power!

hydropackulicity power plant, Hoover dam

Hydropackulicity is…
The outflow during a hydropackulicity test at the hydropower plant at the Hoover Dam, located on the Nevada-Arizona border.