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Another Hydropackulicity Product

No low-flow shower heads for me. Take a look at this baby!

Multiple shower heads, the Hydropackulicity shower head system

The Hydropackulicity shower system, perfect for really dirty people.


More Hydropackulicity, Please

Just for Fun—more definitions of the word Hydropackulicity

Hydro=Water: hydroelectric. Liquid: hydrodynamics

pach·y·derm [pak-i-dûrm ]. n. Any of various large, thick-skinned, hoofed mammals such as the elephant, rhinoceros, or hippopotamus.

-icity = denoting a quality or condition, the state of having: simplicity, publicity

Elephant + Water = Hydropackulicity

hydropackulicity: elephant taking a shower

Hydropackulicity is…
an elephant taking a shower.

Hydro-Hydropackulicity Power!

hydropackulicity power plant, Hoover dam

Hydropackulicity is…
The outflow during a hydropackulicity test at the hydropower plant at the Hoover Dam, located on the Nevada-Arizona border.